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My First Steps...

I made a decision this week. I'm going to begin the process of losing weight.

Mainly b/c as a future nurse I need to be strong and fit. I've been blessed with great health but as a Christian the Bible says that I must honor my body b/c it is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

So with those modivators, I began walking yesturday at a local park. I don't know how long the track is (over a mile I think) but I walk for 15-25 minutes at a good starting pace. The park is beautiful and lively; it gives me a moment to clear my mind and talk to God. My schedule is going to get a little hectic but I'm going to work hard to make the time for my health. I need to purchase proper walking shoes though and at a low price at that.

I range that I need to drop about 50-60lbs. I'm a full-time college student working part-time so I can't see a doctor/nutritionist at this time. I'd like to gain some muscle too so I'll get a YMCA membership after awhile.

Anyone have any pointers for beginning walkers?

I wish everyone the best in their efforts to improve their health.

God Bless!
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