Peter Wang (wang1961) wrote in healthy_weight,
Peter Wang

Hi there !

I'm 44, male, a cyclist, my BMI is about 26, my bodyfat percentage is 20.5%

I'd really like to get down to a body fat percentage of 15%, and BMI of maybe 24-ish. I think my performance would be better at that level. And I'd look better, too. I have rounded edges right now, little bit of love handles. Not bad, but not like a serious cyclist could look.

So, that means I'd have to lose about 11 pounds. As you know... the last 10 pounds are the hardest! Wish me luck.

OH... something I've learned... I have a tendency to over-hydrate. So don't just take the stock advice to drink water all day long. You can drink too much water.

I've had a couple of occurences when I've gone out on long bike rides on hot days, felt fine, but by nighttime I was all swollen and literally gained 5 - 10 pounds of pure water, also had extreme fatigue and headache. Doctor agrees with my assessment that I had hyponatremia, I drank so much water I was diluting the sodium in my blood.

So recently, I weigh myself before and after riding... in the parking lot of the ride start / finish. I drink only enough to get back to my start weight, then no more. No more guzzling iced tea at lunch.

End of problems.
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