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well, i am unhappy with how i weigh and look. boo! i've recently changed my eating habits. i don't eat nearly as much between meals, i eat healthier meals, i've cut out fast food and sodas, and i'm not eating out nearly as much.

i started exercising in june, but i came down with a cold and was unmotivated. i just weighed myself... and i need to exercise, too. bad.

i honestly don't feel like posting my weight, because i'm very unhappy and trying not to think about it.

last year, i lost about twenty to twenty-five pounds... and then gained it back, plus some. grr.

i want to lose about... forty pounds. that would be fine with me. i want to remain curvy, just not so much in the belly area! if anything, i am 5'7'' and eighteen years old.

i suppose i'm just looking for some motivation to go renew my gym membership.

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