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My Stats This Week

My height: 170cm (around 5'7)
Highest I ever weighted:100 kgs (220 lbs)
Starting weight:97 kgs (213.4 lbs)
Current weight:88.5 kgs (194.7 lbs)
Current BMI:30.6 (starting: 34.6)

3.3 lbs lost this week, I couldn't believe it :D If anyone want to see my food and exercise log, it's in my journal. So I'm finishing week 6, and feeling very pleased about my progress so far. I'm starting to feel and see the results... I have a picture progress log thing on my journal, and you can really tell as my waist fat disappears, lol! But really, I'm very very happy with what I've achieved so far, and it's really motivating me to continue.

Anyway, only 1.5 kg until my first goal. I hope to make it in the next week or two! :D Cheers.

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