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I was just having some lunch over at our University's Student Union (not a student anymore... staff now) and I saw a big huge group of kids (field trip, I'm guessing?) rushing towards the Food Court in a mad dash to get in line for....

Pizza Hut and Burger King.  Silly silly me... I was concerned that all these children would hold up the line where I was headed: the salad bar/gourmet sub sandwhich shop.  I breezed through my lines and got my salad and turkey sandwich (mustard, no mayo!) and grabbed a banana before paying and sitting down.  After I ate my lunch I walked back up to the trash cans.  I chose the route through the seating area where most of the children had picked to sit.  It was like walking through a mountain of burger wrappers, greasy pizza boxes, cups of ranch dressing, fry containers, milkshake cups, candybar wrappers, and a river spilled Coke.  Doing a rough estimate, I would assume about 85% of the children had some sort of Burger King/Pizza Hut concoction on their trays.  (About 14% appeared to have brought their lunches and I'm reserving the last 1% for the little girl who earned my INSTANT respect for choosing a sushi pack, a cup of yogurt and a small orange juice.)  It just goes to show that without parental supervision... kids just go nuts over this junkie food.  It is so important for parents to watch what their kids eat!  This sets an important standard for the child's life!  I would be interested to know what the parents of the child who ate the sushi reinforced in her that led her to, in the face of greasy fattening foods, choose the healthier options.  It would be an interesting study!

On a side note, I need to say something that I hope I will remember from today on out.  It is never okay to overeat in ANY situation.  Eating past satisfaction is a very bad thing EVEN IF the thing that caused you to overeat is something healthy like a piece of fruit.  That banana I spoke of earlier... it should have been kept and eaten later on this afternoon.  I am ridiculously full right now and that banana set me over.  I forced myself to keep eating it thinking, "I need fruit and this will provide me with the potassium I need for my weightlifting!"  I realize now that I should never force myself to eat anything that will make me feel bloated and miserable simply because "it's good for me to eat that."  Things like this can be saved for later for a snack.  The sooner I quit forcing my body to do things that do not come natural to it, the better I will become at this lifestyle change!

Just thought I'd share.

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