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Hi, everyone...

Was browsing weightloss communities, and it's truly scary what's to be found here on LJ...anyhow...This community looks like it is geared towards smart weightloss. A friend pointed me in this direction. :)

My name is Kerri. I am 33 years old, 5'2" and currently weigh 160 lbs (according to my scale at home...the dr.'s scale usually weighs me 3 to 5 pounds heavier). I had a baby on December 31st, 2003, though I have lost all my pregnancy weight. I have become sick enough of my body to start trying to do something about it.

My goal weight, for now, is to get under 140lbs. Ultimately, it would be nice to be back under 130lbs, but I am not sure that is entirely possible.

I have begun watching what I eat, trying to limit my portions, and trying to avoid fast food and sodas, and up my daily intake of water. I am also trying to increase my activity level. Right now, I am just trying to work walks into my daily routine.

It's a slow-ish start, but I am already beginning to see progress, since last week my weight hovered around 165.

I hope to gain encouragement, insight, and support from the members of this community. Thanks in advance. :)
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